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Vitality Drive is Discovery Insurers driver behaviour program that rewards you for driving well, Enabling you to save on your Insurance costs.

Why Join Vitality Drive?

1. Get up to 50% back on fuel and Gautrain spend

Qualify for immediate fuel rewards. Install your DQ-Track, drive well, link your Vitality Drive card and fill up at BP & Shell. If you have a Gautrain Gold card, you can get up to 50% back on your monthly Gautrain spend too.

2. Get Vitality Active Rewards

Join Vitality Active Rewards to earn Vitality reward points, diamonds and higher-value instant rewards for achieving exercise and drive goals weekly.

3. Get up to 25% off with DriveMe Partners

Get 25% off Uber, Road Trip and Scooter Angels.

4. Get Tiger Wheel & Tyre Discounts

Get up to a 20% discount at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

5. Earn More Rewards If You Are Under 26

Young adults aged 18 to 25 can get up to 25% off their premium and more for driving well in addition to fuel rewards.

6. Receive an upfront discount for Good Driving

With the Dynamic Plan instead of fuel rewards, you get an upfront vehicle premium discount of up to 12% based on your Vitality status, which is adjusted after the first three months and at every anniversary.

7. Excess Funder Account

With an active Vitality Drive programme, you can use your Excess Funder Account to fully fund any car hire or car excess, lower your premium, cash withdrawals and fund up to 100% of your new tyres from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Your Guide to Vitality Drive For Business:

Click on the link below to view your guide to Vitality Drive for business and get in touch with us to get registered.

Vitality Drive Guide