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Imagine receiving rewards for being active, being rewarded for taking yourself to the gym, going on that hike or taking the dog for a walk.
Well with Discovery Vitality you could be.

Vitality Active Rewards is an in-app vitality program that rewards your for getting active and driving well. By achieving your active goals and driving well you receive Vitality reward points. With your reward points you are able to spend your reward points on a range of reward options.

How Does It Work?

When you achieve a goal, you are given a chance to play on the gameboard. On the gameboard you select a tile that will reveal  hidden reward points or diamonds. You can then spend these points on a range of rewards.

There are various reward categories to choose from, including:

  • Coffees, popcorn and charity donations
  • Smoothies and snacks
  • Groceries, meals and shopping
  • Online shopping
  • Spoils and shopping
  • Gifts and gadgets
  • Flights and holidays

Instant Rewards

To help keep you motivated and excited to achieve your goals, there are major instant prizes hidden in the game board. If you reveal one of the unique hidden icons you will be INSTANTLY rewarded with either, international flight tickets, fitness devices, grocery rewards or Discovery Investments.


Does this all sound a little too good to be true?

Have a look at the full PDF document here:

Your Guid To Vitality Rewards