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According to Suzuki Auto Blog, every 32 minutes a car in South Africa is hijacked, meaning that 46 cars are hijacked across the country per day.  With these horrifying statistics we are faced with questions like whether or not to get car insurance, install a tracker or park our cars in the street while visiting friends.

So what are the most hijacked car brands?

The top 10 most hijacked brands are (in order):

  1. VW
  2. Toyota
  3. Ford
  4. Citroen
  5. Kia
  6. Hyundai
  7. BMW
  8. Audi
  9. Renault
  10. Chevrolet

Even if your car isn’t on the Most Hijacked List, you may still be targeted by hijackers. Executive head of Dial Direct, Warwick Scott-Rodger, says the top five vehicle hijacking trends in South Africa right now are:

1. Vehicles hijacked at fuel stations

Drivers filling up with fuel at fuel stations are often targeted by hijackers. . They approach the driver from his or her blindspot and force them out of the vehicle. It’s difficult for petrol attendants to intervene as many hijackers are armed.

2. The dangers of strangers

Vehicle owners can be approached at social spots by strangers who befriend them, later spike their drinks, and then steal their keys and make off with their vehicle.

3. Fake blue lights

Hijackers pose as traffic officers or police officials and get vehicle owners to pull over. They often drive in unmarked vehicles and once drivers pull over, they are overpowered and their vehicles are hijacked.

4. Hijacked at home

Vehicle owners are overpowered in their homes and vehicles are taken along with other possessions.

5. Vehicles hijacked after driver is followed home

Hijackers follow vehicles home, box owners in their driveway, and then hijack them. Hijackers often wait for the owner to enter the property and then block the security gate from closing.

Our advice to you is to always be aware of your surroundings, make sure your car is locked when driving and lock it as soon as you get inside and then put your seatbelt on. It is always better to be safe than sorry.