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The maximum number of points required to achieve weekly fitness goals will drop form 900 to 700 amid the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa.

In order for Vitality Rewards members to earn rewards such as free coffees and smoothies, they are are required to achieve weekly fitness goals. These fitness goals work on a point system, you can find out more here.

When a consumer first joins the programme the goals set are low, but as weekly goals are achieved the number grows to a maximum of 900 points.

Discovery Vitality CEO Denish Govender said they hope to make their goals more achievable for their consumers by dropping the points amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rewards will also be changing and expanding to include rewards for online shipping, gaming and consumer behaviour changes amid the virus.

Discovery Vitality has already dropped the requirement to go to the gym a set number of times a month to keep a members discount and the requirement to go for a Vitality health and fitness test has also been dropped.

“Should you choose not to go to the gym during March and April, your Vitality gym discount for these months will not be impacted.

We will apply a special concession for the months of March and April 2020. The Vitality Gym Benefit requires members to do at least 36 gym workouts during any 12-month rolling period. When we look back at the end of March however you will only need to have done 30 workouts instead of the usual 36. We will do the same at the end of April, too. This means that Vitality members who go to gym regularly won’t have to worry about their gym benefit dropping for at least the next two months. We will continue to monitor the situation and will update you further as new information becomes available.” –

One of Discovery’s major partners, Virgin Active will now allow their members to freeze their accounts free of charge, where usually a 50% freeze fee would be applicable. Virgin Active will also be limiting gym access to 100 people and will be introducing outdoor classes.

You can read more information here.